Monday, October 03, 2005

SECONDS: A.D.D. Film Review #19

Frankenheimer's 1966 Cold War era midlife crisis nightmare SECONDS is a worthy addition to my ongoing list of that genre of films called "people who's faces are bandaged up". Frankenheimer was famous for the original MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, a surreal cold war era masterpiece, and SECONDS does not dissapoint. Picure this: you're a 51 year old white guy banker in a dead end marriage...and you chuck it all for reconstructive surgery to become an artist and...Rock Hudson! Priceless. And there's even an eye popping group nude grape stomping scene.....a bacchanalian delight. 1966, John Frankenheimer, B & W


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Blogger Misha Anissimov said...

I just love marketing oriented comments disguised as heartfelt compliments..........

8:02 AM

Blogger Andrei Yakovlev said...

Yeah that is a good one, another memorable scene is the cocktail party where he gets wasted. Good write up about it here - D.P. James Wong Howe (Sweet Smell of Success, prolly my favorite Curtis role), experimentation with 9.7mm fisheye...

12:22 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Nice to see you back in business! I wish I hadn't missed this film when it played the Castro last fall. Its definitely on my "to see" list.

3:19 AM

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