Saturday, July 30, 2005

35mm is oil, Video is water color, shoot 35mm now!

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Video is great for doc's, but when you go narrative, 35mm is luscious. Here's your chance to shoot 35mm. An Arriflex BL-1 sound sync 35mm package (Kubrick's favorite camera) can go hand held, set of primes, (2)400 ft cans, and (2) portable batteries. Camera and an Operator/DP to go with it! $250 bucks a day. Get some Kodak double XX B & W stock, and shoot your own little noir. 415-504-9014 or leave comment here.I'll be in touch. Lets make a Deal!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay away from Eric Escobar - resides in East Bay works in Bay Area mostly

This guy will cause you serious damage and is an immoral, dishonorable, unprofessional, unethical, complainer, whining opportunist. He cost me over $3,000 in additional production costs - see why below... He misrepresented himself to me as an “AC” and signed onto my very expensive short film production (I paid for it all with my own money - over 22Gs and counting...). I’m talking to lawyers and considering suing him for misrepresentation and negligence. This was a paying gig BTW.

He lost our first day’s shooting camera original master tape. This was a difficult shoot for a long day... he pi..ed on the crew and everyone who worked hard for a whole day not to mention that this cost me over $3,000 as I had to reschedule everything, book additional crew and equipment and reshoot an entire day(!) I didn’t throw a fit. After all of this, he never even came up to me to say he was sorry.

He leaves the set at the 11th hour announcing that he’s going home in the middle of a shoot leaving the production, the DP and me totally stranded. The next day he shows up and goofs around not doing his job that he was hired for (AC) jeopardizing my shoot AGAIN. He gets offended for me asking him to do his job.

The following week he QUITs (!) in between two production weekends without replacing himself (apparently because he “didn’t have the right attitude” and expected more of a “fun shoot” - I don’t know what he expected this was a FILM SHOOT!) again crapping on the accepted code of conduct amongst professionals on a shoot leaving me stranded and having to scramble for a replacement AC. Godd thing, I didn’t want to continue working with him anyway after this. Still not a word for losing my tape. Oh, and he had another shoot coming up that he was doing for which he abandoned my film shoot - in other words switching when he felt like it ‘cause he wasn’t having any fun. HE WAS BEING PAID and was hired on a gig that you’re supposed to take through all the way to the end.

After the first day he was already complaining that we had a 11 hour day - 12 hour days are the norm in film production(!) He told me I said 8-10 hour days! I never said such a thing and never would have. I said I’ll try to keep it at 10 hours and my shotlist was reasonable and liberal in terms of time and how many setups I wanted to accomplish each day.

A word of caution to everyone out there - remember his name - avoid this guy at all cost. He misrepresent himself, he will leave you stranded in a second and take no responsibility for his actions, and is totally unprofessional.

12:04 PM

Blogger Misha Anissimov said...

I wouldn;t be surprise if it was free labor, but a surprising attitude for being paid....

5:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Per above litany make your damn film and stop whining. We all have challenges. Nobody cares about your excuses for why your film was hard to make, will look like shit, caused you stress, etc. Get over yourself and just make your damn film.

7:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whomever that idiot is who says "stop whining" about the loss and other damages caused by an unethical, unprofessional, irresponsible a..hole crew member can go and stick his back up his ass, clearly you are an idiot and nobody is intersted in your stupid response. i'm simply stating facts and warning other filmmakers out there about this guy who is good at selling himself, but when it comes down to it is .. well, all of the above.

10:15 AM

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